Wall Street wankers complaining – unbelievable

20 04 2009

Great story in New York Magazine titled “The Wail of the 1%.”  Just amazing quotes.  Here’s one genius:

“People just don’t get it,” she says. “I’m attached to my BlackBerry. I was at my doctor the other day, and my doctor said to me, ‘You know, I like that when I leave the office, I leave.’ I get calls at two in the morning, when the market moves. That costs money. If they keep compensation capped, I don’t know how the deals get done. They’re taking Wall Street and throwing it in the East River.”

How did all these people make so much money?  The lack of intelligence or rationality is amazing.  Just morons.  Don’t you get it?  Your value was based on how much Wall Street made…Wall Street HAS CRASHED.  Without tax payer money none of you are getting anything.  And, believe me, the most basic job that involves manual labor is a million times tougher than yours.

Reading their crap truly embarrasses me to be a fellow American, let alone a fellow human being.  Shut the fuck up, grow up and grow a brain.  Whiny babies.




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