How can I be less cynical?

23 02 2009

Its a question I ask myself alot. And finally an online discussion that doesn’t flame into anonymous name calling, as slate points out.  People are actually thoughtful and helpful.  Its enough to make an old cynic smile…..well, maybe not that.

cyn·i·cism (sĭnĭ-sĭzəm) n.

  1. An attitude of scornful or jaded negativity, especially a general distrust of the integrity or professed motives of others: the public cynicism aroused by governmental scandals.
  2. A scornfully or jadedly negative comment or act: “She arrived at a philosophy of her own, all made up of her private notations and cynicisms” (Henry James).
  3. Cynicism The beliefs of the ancient Cynics.




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