The financial crisis – a (very) personal polemic

17 02 2009

Meatballs rocked

For whatever reason the earliest memory I have of going to summer camp was being taught that lifting up a heavy rock revealed a world of worms and nightcrawlers.  My 8 year old self was fascinated and shocked by the contrast.  No matter how dry and bleached out the immediate area looked if you lifted up a moderate sized rock,  there it was – all this wet sliminess heading for deeper ground.  I do remember believing that this was impossible – that it was a one-off deal.  But as we moved from rock to rock to rock each scene was as identical to the one before.

Fortunately I moved on to sports and girls and other things (peeing in the public shower always got a good response).  Those things taught me other valuable lessons but all these years later when I read about the current financial crisis the images of the underbelly of those rocks instantly pop into my head.  I don’t know, maybe this motif has been mined to the point of exhaustion (David Lynch’s take) but there it is.  That and the fact I was stuck in Aquaman underoos that entire summer. (does that mean im gay?)  Too bad Bill Murray  wasn’t there to guide me through those confusing times.




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