Sue Mengers and old Hollywood

16 02 2009

out-to-lunch-mengers-0903-01Sue Mengers.  There she is in her salad days with a barely recognizable Jack Nicholson.  A slightly sad update on her here.

The whole tone reminds me so much of what I hated about LA.  You’d think as someone a lot older now she’d impart some wisdom and have an interesting take on life.  But nope – just goes to show if you’re a vapid shit at 30 you’re probably going to be a vapid shit at 60.  But who am I to judge?

If you want a great read on the Hollywood of that era check out Julia Phillips“You’ll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again”.  A pretty devastating look into a very specific time and place and it possesses the rarest of qualities for a Hollywood tell all; its written by somebody who can actually write.  Kind of stream of consciousness – Brett Easton Ellis meets Susan Sontag meets Bob Dylan.  You feel kind of drugged and dirty while reading it but it is a work of art by somebody who is highly intelligent.  Incisive social commentary masked as Hollywood drivel.


Also check out Robert Evans’ “The Kid Stays in the Picture.” Hilariously egomaniacal and he’s basically THE cliche of what a studio head from the 70’s would be.  Close your eyes and imagine it; yep, thats him.  But also a great read.  The DVD is a personal favorite (much like Phillips’ book above it surprises you with its artistry) and better than the book.




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