NY housing problems lead to my favorite comment, like ever

16 02 2009

Christine Quinn

Who is this woman?  She’s Christine Quinn the Speaker of the New York City Counsel, or whatever the hell its called.  Ms. Quinn made news this week because she made the inane suggestion that the government should buy all the unsold condos in Manhattan and use them for government housing.  Hmmm….OK.  Although this bit of political idiocy  is worthy in of itself to write about I bring this post to your attention only because of an anonymous comment made 4 comments down at the end of this New York Observer article:

what a great idea… I would love to own a luxury condo and pay high maintenance fees to have low income middle class move in and trash the building I am paying for (maybe maintenance can be tax deductible in those buildings…) she’s been eating too much pussy lately….

OK,  Im guessing she’s gay?  To me this sums up the great city of NY – all of it; the article, Quinn’s plan, the reaction, and most of all that comment.  Pithy? No thats not it. Witty – not especially.  Obnoxious.  Yea – thats it.

Why do I find this comment so amusing?  Cause I’m 10 years old.




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