Links for the day

16 02 2009

Co-ordinated inflation could bail us all out (via Economist’s View) – Counter intuitive but I have been arguing that in a society overburdened with debt a little inflation could go a long way.  This article points us in the right direction – the key is global coordination.  Good luck with that.
Applying Teddy Roosevelt Trust Busting to todays Robber Barons; the Banks (Baseline Scenario via
Carlos Slim Helú: The Reticent Media Baron Meet the new owner (kind of) of the New York Times.  Great, so now we’re importing our oligarchs too.
Tariff Protests in Eastern Port Rattle Kremlin Like I always predicted, the fall of oil prices will bring the fall of Putin.  Thats what happens when you don’t invest in your economic infrastructure.  Its going to get fugly.  Ditto for Iran.
Carl Icahn – Barbarian at the Gate – levels blame at Boards
Alan Wolfe and the common traits of a true liberal
Landmark file sharing trial beigins today
Old Atlantic Monthly article on the diamond industry Great read.
Sharia imposed on northwest Pakistan in deal with Taleban. Not such a great read.
Buy Gold
My weekly dose of Peter King’s MMQB
My weekly dose of Hitchens
Why are people so fucking stupid?  Why isn’t the left going after the leadership in Iran? They stand for everything the left is against.  Oh yea, Iran also hates the great Satans – the US and Israel.  I don’t know how some people sleep at night.




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