Jeff Gannon – Male Prostitute

16 02 2009
Jeff Gannon

Jeff Gannon

See this man?  He was the guy who lobbed all the softball questions during President Bush’s press conferences a few years ago.  Remember?  The guy who turned out to be a former male escort?  Did you ever wonder what happened to him?  Well it turns out, not much.

I found the piece more interesting in what it had to say about DC and the supposed credentials one needs to be considered credible.  The comments from the “power” players in the article (one states, “‘lilliputian’ makes him sound bigger than he was,”) shows us all just how elitist and pathetic DC is and probably always has been.  American egalitarianism?  In DC, forget about it.

The piece is also a revealing indictment of the left and its hypocrisies, “Gannon sees himself as the target of “a full-scale jihad” by McCarthy-like liberals who gladly jettisoned their most sacred principles—the rights of privacy and sexual freedom, tolerance, and free speech—simply to bring down someone whose politics they loathed.” I don’t know what all the uproar was about though.  You’d think a former prostitute would fit right in.

The article can be found here. (Fair warning – the phrase “how to take charge and take care of a horny bottom” is used.)




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